Horice town is situated aproximately 100 km from the capital Prague.

Parking is provided at the autocamp U Věže www.kempuveze.cz . Free parking is near the autocamp or at the Dachova swimming pool or Gothard hill (see the map). Camping is possible in the area of the quarry, where the festival is situated for free. Camping place will be guarded by the security, but don´t leave valuables in the tents. Other possibility of the accomodation is in the chalets or the tents at the Dachova swimming pool. www.tshorice.cz/koupaliste/ or farther camp /www.kemp-rychta.cz/.

It is forbidden to enter the bicycle path, field path and the private grounds by any motor vehicles. It is not allowed to make a fire in the forest, there is always the central fireplace in the festival. It is not allowed free runnnig dogs. It is forbidden to carry weapons.

Ticket presale is until the 8th of the June on the website www.goout.cz for the price 550 CZK + fee. Tickets available at the festival – two days ticket 900 CZK, one day ticket 700 CZK. The holders of the ISIC/ITIC/IYTC/ALIVE have 10% discount when buying online on the website goout.cz.